Anas Jaber qualifies for the semi-finals for the third year in a row in the Charleston Championship


Tunisia’s Anas Jabeur, the second seed in the US Charleston 500 tennis tournament, beat Russia’s Anna Kalinskaya 6-0, 4-1 in the match that was held on Friday. Despite his overwhelming victory, Jabeur was forced to withdraw due to illness.

Anas Jaber continues his brilliance in Charleston

This is the third time in a row that Jaber has reached the semi-finals of the American Charleston 500. Where he continued his brilliance and excellence on the clay courts in this important tournament.

Preparations for the tournament

Before the start of the tournament, Jaber expressed her good preparation and willingness to compete in this prestigious tournament. Where Jaber worked with her coach to improve her performance and raise her level of physical and tactical fitness.

Gaber and Kalinskaya match

The match between Jaber and Kalinskaya started strongly and controlled by the Tunisian player. Where Jaber used the diversity of her strikes and excelled in quick attacks and smart tactics. Jaber managed to win the first half with a score of 6-0, and Jaber continued to excel in the second half as well, as she dominated the game and settled the second half with a score of 4-1.

Withdrawal due to illness

Despite the brilliance of Jaber and her closeness to qualifying for the golden square of the tournament, she was forced to withdraw due to her illness. Jaber faced some health problems during the match, as she was affected by fatigue and exhaustion, which forced her to withdraw from the tournament.

Jaber’s achievements in Charleston

Despite the unfortunate withdrawal, Jaber achieved an important achievement in the Charleston 500. She qualified to the semi-finals of the championship for the third year in a row, which reflects her strength and continued brilliance on the clay courts.

Preparing for the next tournaments

After the end of the Charleston tournament, Jaber will work to regain her physical fitness and health and prepare for the upcoming tournaments. As it prepares to participate in many important international tournaments, and aspires to achieve greater successes and more victories.

In conclusion

Jaber’s reaching the Charleston 500 semi-finals is a significant achievement in her professional career, and despite her early withdrawal, she remains a talented and distinguished player with great potential and determination to achieve more success in the world of tennis.

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