Arsenal receives a new mission in order to win the Premier League title


Arsenal’s victory over Manchester City and regaining the English Premier League title, where Arsenal players are making a huge effort to achieve the first title since 2004.

After a series of successive victories, Arsenal tops the English Premier League table and is looking forward to winning its first title since 2004. Before facing West Ham United in the next round, Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta stressed the importance of the players making a tremendous effort to finish the job and overthrow rival Manchester City.

Arsenal’s current superiority and pressure lead

After seven consecutive victories, Arsenal lead the English Premier League standings, six points ahead of defending champions Manchester City. However, the recent 2-2 draw with Liverpool put more pressure on the London team to maintain its superiority. Consequently, Arteta and the Arsenal players know that they need to put in more effort and focus to confirm their position at the top.

Facing West Ham and the importance of winning

In the next game, Arsenal will face West Ham United, who are 14th in the table and just clear of the relegation zone after two wins in their last three league matches.

Arsenal is reviewing its plan to finish the task of winning the English Premier League title and surpassing Manchester City

When it comes to winning the English Premier League title, Arsenal are looking to finish their job successfully and overtake Manchester City. Where Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta revealed his plan before facing West Ham United, which is a real test of the team’s ambitions. In this article, we will review the details of the plan that Arsenal intends to implement to win the English Premier League and outperform its rival Manchester City.

Arteta tells Arsenal players to ‘get the job done’

With the English Premier League season approaching, Arsenal are seeking to finish their mission successfully and outperform defending champions Manchester City. Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, believes that the team needs to make a massive effort and focus on the small details to achieve this goal. In this article, we will review Arsenal’s plan to win the Premier League title and beat rival Manchester City.

After seven straight wins, Arsenal top the table, six points clear of Manchester City. Despite this superiority, the recent draw against Liverpool imposed additional pressure on the team.

Therefore, Arteta considers that his team must focus more on performance and tactics in the upcoming matches to maintain superiority over Manchester City. In this context, Arteta intends to implement the following steps:

Strengthening the defense: Arteta will work to strengthen the defense and improve the defensive organization of the team. He will seek to improve the performance of players in the defense center and enhance understanding and coordination between them to limit opponents’ penetrations and receiving goals.

Strengthening the attack: Arteta will also work to strengthen the offensive line and increase the effectiveness of attacks. It will improve the attacking composition of the team and enhance the coordination between the players in the attack to increase the chances of scoring.

Improving physical fitness: Arteta will pay great attention to the players’ physical fitness, as he will work to improve their level of physical fitness and increase its sustainability over the course of long matches. He will strive to keep the players fit and avoid muscle injuries.

Enhance mental focus: Arteta will enhance the mental focus of the players and motivate them to play to their full potential in every match. He will strive to motivate the players and build a strong team spirit and high sportsmanship.

Fighting spirit: Arteta will stress the importance of fighting spirit and determination to win every game.

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