Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti complains about the crowded match schedule and calls for player protection


Recently, the schedule of football matches has become very crowded, which has made coaches and players suffer a lot. It seems that Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is one of the people who have a complaint about this crowding. He expressed his dissatisfaction in a press conference before his team’s match with Celta Vigo in the Spanish League.

Ancelotti said the match schedule is a schedule we have said many times and, in an objective way, it doesn’t make sense. He believes that a busy schedule is harmful to players and affects their performance.

In this article, we will look at the implications of a crowded football schedule, and discuss how players can be protected and pressure relieved.

The negative repercussions of a crowded football schedule

Players tired

Players feel overwhelmed and tired due to the demands of the busy schedule. Since the players are the foundation of every team, their fatigue and exhaustion affects their performance and increases the possibility of injuries.

Lack of time to prepare

Normally a team needs enough time to train and prepare for matches, but with a packed match schedule, it becomes difficult to get enough time to train and prepare well.

Crowded match schedule

Teams participating in major leagues around the world suffer from a crowded schedule of matches that affects players’ performance, causes many injuries, and affects the final results of the season. This is what Carlo Ancelotti suffers from at Real Madrid, where the pressure on the team is intense due to participation in the Champions League, the Spanish League, the Spanish Cup and the Club World Cup.

The need to protect players and the problem of overcrowding the football schedule and suggestions for solutions

In a press conference held by Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, he referred to the problem of overcrowding in the football match schedule and the need to change something to protect the players.

And although the team’s match against Osasuna in the domestic cup final ended on April 17, the team must play against Celta Vigo in the Spanish League the next day. During the following week, the team will have to play two matches in the Champions League against Chelsea, which requires great efforts from the players.

Since this problem affects football in general, I have provided some solutions to address it. Among these solutions:

1. Increase the number of players

The number of players registered in the team can be increased to provide some relief to the players and avoid overwork. This solution can lead to improved player performance, especially at key stages in the season.

2. Increase the number of teams

The number of teams in the Spanish league can be increased to reduce the number of matches played by each team. In this way, there will be an opportunity to give the players some rest during the season.

3. Relaxation table

The fixture schedule can be diluted in such a way as to make it less intense.

The number of matches can be reduced in the crucial weeks of the season, which helps avoid excessive stress on players and maintains a good level of performance for teams. It can also increase rest periods between matches and improve medical care and rehabilitation for injuries that occur during the season. All of these measures can help improve the health of players and keep football teams at a high level of performance.

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