Watch the Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya match broadcast live, the Kuwaiti Premier League


Watching the Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya match at Sabah Al-Salem Stadium in the Zain Kuwaiti Premier League Championship, one of the most important matches that football fans in Kuwait and the region await.

This confrontation comes in light of the great convergence between the two teams in the Kuwaiti league standings table, where Al-Arabi club ranks third, while Al-Salmiya comes in fourth place, and both teams hope to achieve victory in this decisive match, to enhance their chances of qualifying for the Asian Champions League.

The history of confrontations between Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya teams, broadcast live

Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya confrontations are famous for their enthusiasm and intense competition. The two teams have played many exciting matches and marathons over the past years. The two teams have faced each other in league and cup championships, where the confrontations were characterized by many draws and harsh results, but in the end, the confrontations were always exciting and attractive.

This evening, the Al-Salmiya and Al-Arabi match will start in the fifth round of the Kuwaiti Football Premier League 2023, which will be held at Sabah Al-Salem Stadium in Mansouriya.

Al-Arabi match against Al-Salmiya YouTube

For his part, Al-Arabi is looking forward to achieving victory and continuing to rise in the standings, while Al-Salmiya needs to win at any cost to save its faltering season and return to the title struggle.

Today’s match is the fifth meeting of the two teams in this season, as they previously faced each other in the Kuwaiti Premier League and the Kuwaiti League Cup, as the two Kuwaiti League matches ended in a positive draw 2-2 and 1-1, while Al-Salmiya won the semi-final match of the Kuwaiti League Cup 3- 1 before losing in the final match against Al-Arabi.

Al-Arabi enters the match while occupying third place in the standings table with 38 points, and wants to achieve victory to continue the series of victories after winning the previous two rounds, and with the loss of Kazma yesterday, Al-Arabi tries to take advantage of the opportunity to monopolize the second place.

Although Al-Salmiya won the last confrontation between the two teams, Al-Arabi is one of the most prominent teams in the Kuwaiti league and possesses high technical and physical capabilities, which makes it able to return with victory in the next match.

As for the Al-Arabi fans, they hope to achieve victory so that the team proves its strength and be able to approach the competition for the title, while the Salmiya fans seek to continue the victories and move away from their competitors in the lead race.

Al-Salmiya and Al-Arabi match live

And the Al-Arabi match against Al-Salmiya, which will be held at Sabah Al-Salem Stadium in Al-Mansuriya Governorate in Kuwait, and we will discuss all the details related to the match and the history of the two teams’ confrontations, in addition to how to watch the match for all football fans in Kuwait.

History of Al-Salmiya confrontations against Al-Arabi Live

We will take a look at the history of the Al-Salmiya and Al-Arabi confrontations in previous seasons. The two teams met four times last season, and the first and second confrontation was within the framework of the Kuwaiti League matches for the current season, which ended in a positive draw 2-2 in the first leg, then Al-Salmiya won 3-2 in the match. return.

In the third confrontation, the two teams met in the framework of the semi-finals of the Kuwaiti Crown Prince Cup, and that confrontation ended with Al-Arabi winning with two clean goals, so that Al-Arabi qualified in that tournament to the final to meet Kuwait Club.

As for the fourth confrontation, it was in the quarter-finals of the Kuwaiti Emir Cup, and Al-Salmiya succeeded in taking revenge on Al-Arabi and defeated it with two goals to one, to qualify for the semi-finals.

Watch the Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya match broadcast live

We will now talk about the upcoming confrontation between the two teams at Sabah Al-Salem Stadium in Mansourieh Governorate, and the match will be broadcast on Kuwait Sports Channel KTV Sport HD with commentary by Tariq Al-Mulla, and the match will be between two teams competing at the football level.

Al-Arabi Club expected to play with a lineup that includes Ahmed Dashti in the goalkeeper, Ali Abdel-Rasoul, Hassan Hamdan, Tariq Bouabta, Ahmed Samir, and Issa Walid in defense, while Hussein Ashkanani, Abdel-Rahman Lafi, and Saif Al-Hashan represent the midfield, and Abdulaziz Al-Bishr and Ahmed Hizam form. offensive line.

On the other hand, Al-Salmiya Club expects to play with a squad that includes Abdullah Issa, Badr Jamal, Fahd Al-Mujmid, Alex Lima, Ali Nader in defense, and Ghina Beer, Fahd Marzouq, Carlos, Jumaa Saeed, and Athbi Shehab form the midfield, while Abdul Hadi forms Thu offensive line.

The match will be broadcast on Kuwait Sports Channel HD, and the match will be held at Sabah Al-Salem Stadium, and the match will be commented on by Tariq Al-Mulla’s voice.

The Al-Arabi match against Al-Salmiya will start at 06:50 pm Kuwait and Saudi time, 05:50 pm Egypt time, 7:50 pm UAE and Oman time, and 03:50 pm GMT.

The result of the Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya match today, YouTube, in full HD

We present to you a detailed analysis of the summary of the results of the Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya match, broadcast live today, YouTube, in full HD, immediately after the end of the exciting match.

In the end, the match will be a fierce competition between two great teams, and the winner will be determined based on the level of the players and the tactics that each team will adopt in the match.

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