The goals of the Al-Karamah and Al-Jaish match 2-1 Summary of the result of the meeting in the Syrian League


Fans of the Syrian League, we present to you today the goals of the Al-Karamah and Al-Jaish 2-1 match, a summary of the result of the meeting, as all eyes turn today to Al-Ittihad Al-Halabi Stadium, where the Syrian Premier League summit will be held between the host team and Jableh Club.

Goals match dignity and the army

Al-Karamah team will face a difficult test today, Friday 4-28-2023, when it will be hosted by Al-Jaish team in the sixteenth round of the Syrian League.

The result of the dignity match against the army

The result of the Al-Karamah match against Al-Jaish, as the match between the two teams begins at 12:00 pm GMT, 15:00 pm Syrian time, and 14:00 Cairo time.

Al-Karamah leads an uncomfortable position in the Syrian League, as it occupies the tenth place with 11 points in 14 matches, and 9 points behind the sixth place that qualifies for the Golden Square. It is noteworthy that the team has not achieved any victory since last January 13, when it defeated Al-Wahda with a free goal.

On the other hand, Al-Karamah needs to win over Al-Jaish to enhance its ranking in the Syrian League, as it is separated by 12 points from the fifth team.

Al-Jaish hopes to be able to win this match to improve its position in the league after two successive defeats and the last draw, noting that it achieved only two wins in the past five rounds.

Summary of the match dignity and the army

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