The goals of the Salmiya and Kuwait match 3-1 Summary of the result of the Salmiya Club match against Kuwait in the Kuwaiti League


The goals of the Salmiya and Kuwait match Summary of the result of the Salmiya Club match against Kuwait, as Kuwait Club enters an important match in order to maintain the top spot in the Kuwaiti Premier League standings.

The goals of the Kuwait and Salmiya match

Kuwait Club is playing an important match today to maintain the top spot in the Kuwaiti Premier League. It will face Al-Salmiya Club at the top of today’s matches, Friday 4-28-2023, as the team is looking forward to achieving victory and collecting the three points to move away from the competitors.

The date of the Kuwait and Salmiya match

The match starts at 15:30 GMT, 17:30 Egyptian time, and 18:30 Mecca time. The match will be held at the Kuwait National Stadium in the Kuwaiti capital, and the attendance of fans will be permitted in a limited manner, in accordance with health precautionary measures.

Ranking of teams in the Kuwaiti league

Kuwait Club occupies first place in the coronation group for the Kuwaiti League title, with 43 points, and only two points behind Al-Arabi Club, which occupies second place.

Unfortunately, the Kuwait team missed an opportunity to win the league title early due to two draws with Fahaheel and Qadsia, as well as a loss against Al-Arabi.

Al-Arabi took advantage of these pitfalls to the fullest extent to reduce the difference between him and Kuwait to two points, and the matter also applies to the Kazma team, which ranks third with 39 points.

Kuwait regains its star in front of Salmiya

It seems that Mohamed Freih, the Kuwait club player, is ready to participate in the next match against Al-Salmiya in the Kuwaiti Premier League. The player has recovered from the injury that prevented him from participating in the last match against Kazma.

However, his participation will be decided by coach Boris Bonyak. Freih is a great choice for attacking coaches. In addition, the team’s medical list still includes some injured players, such as Youssef Al-Khubaizi, Talal Jaze’, Abdul Mohsen Al-Turkmani and Fawaz Al-Mabelish.

Kuwait is currently leading the Premier League standings with 43 points, 5 rounds before the end of the competition, just two points behind Al-Arabi, the closest competitor.

The result of the Salmiya Club match against Kuwait

The result of the Salmiya Club match against Kuwait, where in the sixteenth round of the FIFA Kuwaiti Football League, Kuwait Club is preparing to face Al-Salmiya Club in a very important match for the two teams. Kuwait, the first team in the standings, is looking for a win in this match to maintain its position in the lead, while Al-Salmiya is seeking to win to return to the winning streak.

A summary of the readiness of the two teams in the Kuwait match against Al-Salmiya Club today, live

Kuwait enters this match with great readiness, and without significant absences in its ranks. The team also bears the tone of victory after achieving a massive victory over Kazma Club, 4-1, in the last match played by the new coach, Boris Bonyak, with the team.

On the other hand, Al-Salmiya enters the match with great readiness in its ranks, with the exception of the absence of its important player Fahd Al-Moajmed due to suspension.

The objectives of the Kuwait force in the front line and a summary of the result of this meeting

Kuwait’s strength is represented in the front line, which consists of Tunisian Taha Al-Khunisi, his compatriot Yassin Ameri and Amr Abdel-Fattah, in addition to the players Ahmed Al-Dhafiri, Faisal Zayed and Moroccan Mahdi Barhama in the middle of the field.

Tunisian Taha Al-Khunaisi is considered one of the most prominent Kuwaiti players in the current season, as he scored 14 goals in 14 matches he played with the team, making him the first scorer in the FIFA Kuwaiti Football League.

The team has a distinction in the front line, where there are many players who are skilled and distinguished in scoring, and they form an essential element in the strength of the team. The team also has the ability to adapt to any style of play it encounters, which makes it a flexible and versatile team in using different methods to achieve victory.

Kuwait’s previous match against Al-Salmiya Club ended with Kuwait winning 2/0, as the Kuwaiti team managed to score two goals through players Omar Al-Zoubi and Khaled Al-Hamdan in the 25th and 73rd minutes, respectively, and the Al-Salmiya team was unable to score any goal during the match.

Summary of the result of the Salmiya Club match against Kuwait

In a match that took place today, Friday, Al-Salmiya restored the winning streak in the Premier League, by defeating Kuwait, 3-1, in the sixth round of the championship’s third division.

Jumaa Saeed opened the scoring for Salmiya in the 25th minute, and Mubarak Al-Fenini scored two goals in the match in the 84th and 60th + 1 minutes, while Yassin Ameri scored Kuwait’s only goal in the 61st minute.

Al-Salmiya achieved its first victory in the third section, reaching 27 points, while Kuwait continued to lead with 43 points, and threatens its lead in the event that Al-Arabi beat Al-Qadisiyah in tomorrow’s match within the same round.

Al-Salmiya performed well in the match, relying on defense and counter-attacks, and succeeded in scoring in the first half, while Kuwait’s attempts did not result in any results until Yassin Amiri scored the equalizer in the second half.

In the last quarter of an hour, Al-Salmiya regained control of the match and scored two goals through Mubarak Al-Fenini, to end the match with a 3-1 victory for Al-Salmiya.

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