Canceling the Iraq match against Costa Rica today (find out the new date)

Al-Nasr newspaper presents to you a live broadcast, Yalla Shoot, the reasons for canceling the Iraq match against Costa Rica, the meeting of the Iraqi national team and Costa Rica today, Thursday 11-17-2022, as part of the Los Tecos preparations for the 2022 World Cup, which is scheduled to start on Sunday, November 20.

The Iraqi national team will play its first match under the leadership of the new coach, Spain (Jesus Casas), as it hosts Costa Rica at the Basra International Stadium, where it is preparing to participate in the Gulf Cup 25 in Basra next year. January.

Where it is expected that the friendly match against the Iraqi national team will be the last match for the Caribbean team before going to Qatar to participate in the 2022 World Cup. Meanwhile, Costa Rica is located in Group E with Japan, Germany and Spain.

It was expected that the kick-off whistle for the match between Iraq and Costa Rica would sound at 17:00 Saudi Arabia and Iraq time, 16:00 Egyptian time and 14:00 GMT.
It was expected that it will be broadcast live on Iraqi sports channels, and you can follow the match from the Mercato Day Live Center website.

It is worth noting that the Lions of Mesopotamia played against the Lions of Costa Rica in the Olympic football final in Moscow in 1980, after which the Iraqi team won 3-0.

Basra stadium is ready to host friendly Iraq and Costa Rica

The Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports announced the completion of technical and logistical preparations at the Basra International Stadium for the friendly match between the Iraqi national team and Costa Rica scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday.

"The rehabilitation work of the Basra International Stadium and the surrounding facilities is proceeding in full swing," said Talib al-Moussawi, head of the region's ministry.

He added, "Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmed Al-Mubarakah considered the stadium an important site for preparing for the Arabian Gulf Championship and led efforts to restore and fill the stadium 72 hours before its launch."

"Costa Rica is a global team participating in the World Cup in Qatar, and it will be the focus of Asia and the international federations, as this match coincides with FIFA Day," Mousawi said.

The Iraqi national team puts its finishing touches before the Costa Rica friendly

Tonight, Wednesday evening, the Iraqi national team, led by coach Jesus Casas, will put the finishing touches at Palm Trunk Stadium for tomorrow's friendly match against Costa Rica.

Casas will focus on the technical and tactical approach that he plans to apply in tomorrow's meeting. The training also included conducting exercises in the offensive part, in addition to placing multiple combinations during the game to determine the appropriate formation.

30 players participated in the last training session, and they are as follows: Jalal Hassan, Hassan Ahmed, Dolovan Mahdi, Alaa Abbas, Al-Ay Fadel, Ammar Mohsen, Sajjad Mohsen, Ahmed Yassin, Amir Al-Ammari, Muhammad Qassem, Zidan Iqbal, Hamza Adnan, Alexander Oraha, Dhurgham Ismail. Amjad Atwan, Mustafa Nazim, Ibrahim Baish, Hussein Jabbar, Manaf Younis, Shihab Razak, Karrar Amer, Hussein Ammar, Hussein Ali, Hiran Ahmed, Ahmed Abdel Hussein, Ali Fayez, Hassan Abdel Karim, Sherco Karim, Ayman Hussein, Zaid Tahseen .

On the one hand, Hussein Ali, the Sfaxien player, revealed in a statement published on the Iraqi Al-Ittihad website, "This match is important, albeit a friendly one."

"The match will be played on our land and among our fans. It is an important match to prepare for the Gulf Cup," he added.

He pointed to the technical importance of being the first virtue of the new Spanish device, in addition to collecting many specialized elements, and concluded by saying, "We look forward to a positive performance in tomorrow's match and to show the level that the public expects."

Cancellation of the match between the Iraqi national team and Costa Rica

Cancellation of the Iraqi and Costa Rica match A number of sports officials in the Iraqi state announced the cancellation of the friendly match between the Iraqi and Costa Rican national teams, while the same sources indicated that the Costa Rican national team refused the reason. The journalist confirmed that the passports of the team players were stamped with their entry into Iraq, while the Costa Rican national team traveled to Kuwait for its training camp. From his official accounts on social networking sites.

It is worth noting that the Costa Rica national team will join Spain, Japan and Germany in its first match against the Spanish national team on November 23 of this year, with the first match in the World Cup starting next Sunday. November 20. Who will face Qatar and Ecuador in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

  • Find out the reasons for canceling the Iraq match against Costa Rica today (Learn about the new date)