Harsh sanctions against the Moroccan attacker .. and attempts to loan him out of fear of public anger
Harsh sanctions against the Moroccan attacker .. and attempts to loan him out of fear of public anger

Harsh penalties against the Moroccan striker ... and attempts to loan him out of fear of public anger, as Moroccan striker Walid Azarro began rebelling against Al-Ahly technical staff in order to leave during the current winter Mercato, as he tries to force the club to break his contract to leave for free.

Sources within the Al-Ahly Club revealed to alnasr.news that Azaru entered into a violent argument with a number of members of the technical staff led by Rene Filer, after he learned that he was outside the Tanta meeting, and that the main striker is Junior Ajay, and his presence will be satisfied on the bench.

And the Moroccan player expressed his anger over his being excluded from participation mainly, especially after he also missed Zimbabwe's Platinum, which made the technical staff completely exclude him from the match, and Salah Mohsen instead replaces him.

The sources added that Sayed Abdel-Hafeez, director of football in Al-Ahly, had imposed a large financial penalty on Azzaro, which is estimated at about 100 thousand pounds, as the player began to follow the policy of the rebellion, in order to leave for free, especially after he rejected two official offers and arrived at the club recently in order to obtain services The player.

The same sources indicate that some of those close to Azaru are behind his incitement to fabricate crises, in order to force Al-Ahly to dispense with him and break the contract with consent, which is what the manager of the ball Abdul Sayed Hafeez knows well.

She explained, Walid Azaru is following his agent, who has no good relations with Al-Ahly management, since the player's move to the Chinese league failed, after receiving an offer a season and a half ago from Hippy Fortune.

Al-Ahly Department is seeking to market the Azaru loan system, at the very least, for fear of the accusations that would besiege the council by wasting public money, in addition to the state of public boiling, due to the loss of the Chinese offer, and not to listen to the voices that demanded the current administration to sell the player and bring a better foreign attacker than him.

The coming hours will witness the resolution of the Moroccan file, Azaro, whether by loaning it or breaking the contract with him, or heading towards the Angolan Geraldo, who has two offers from Brazil, and another offer from Tunisian Sfaxien.