An astronomical phenomenon in Saudi Arabia that occurs approximately once a year

The sky of the Arab world will witness Thursday, when Jupiter meets the Sun; For its disk will be perfectly sunlit and at its peak of brightness as at any time in that year, and will continue to be visible through the night, and the rising humpback moon will be in the sky at that event.

The globe will be between the sun and Jupiter, and the night of the meeting will represent the middle of the highest time of the year to see that planet, in addition to the nights of August 21 and 22, 2021 AD, when it is next to the moon.

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahra, explained that Jupiter will rise at sunset; As it is monitored as a bright white point to the naked eye on the horizon in the south from the east at the beginning of the night, and at midnight it is monitored towards the horizon in the south and in the morning it will be seen lower towards the horizon in the south of the west and that apparent movement of the planet in the sky as a result of the Earth’s rotation on its western axis to the east, and the planet will be absent at Sunrise.

And he spoke: “Jupiter will be at a distance of six hundred.4 1,000,000 kilometers, or 33.3 light minutes from Earth, and will shine at its furthest brightness (-2.88), and because Jupiter is near perihelion in January 2023 AD, its disk will be brightly visible. Amazing 49 arc seconds in the match that year.”

Abu Zahra added: “It is evident when observing Jupiter that its atmosphere is divided into abundant intuitive features that include regular colored belts parallel to the planet’s equator. Therefore, attention protects and keeps these belts isolated by urgent air, which reaches speeds of more than 650 kilometers per hour.”

He noted that the most unique species observed on Jupiter is the very large storm called the Great Red Spot, which is large enough to bring down a planet the size of our planet, and it has been blowing on Jupiter for at least 150 years.

He stated that Jupiter met that year with an event next to Saturn on the dome of the sky, and both Jupiter and Saturn would be facing the constellation of Capricorn, unless the brightness of Jupiter surpassed Saturn by about 18 times. As he will observe Venus on the horizon from the west until sunset; While Jupiter on the horizon of the east.

And he added that after a short time, the buyer will reach the meeting point at about 03:00 on Friday, according to the Saudi times (12:00 midnight according to the GMT), and after five hours only, the buyer will be at the closest distance from the earth at about 08:00 5:00 am according to the Saudi meqat (05:00 am according to the GMT).

He explained that the encounter with Jupiter is repeated in general about every 13 months, which is the eon that the Earth takes to rotate once around the sun with respect to Jupiter, and as a result of this, the planet encounters about a month late every year.