Prime Minister Astorias Scott Morrison is a citizen, Tuesday, on social estranging, announcing new procedures for events such as jewels and stakes.

The Prime Minister of Australia said that wedding parties could be held, with only 5 persons attending to you.
And he made it clear that the government allowed funerals to take place, not to attend more than 10 people, and asked citizens to limit themselves to the number of people.
Australia announced on Sunday, spending plan worth $ 66 billion Australian ($ 38 billion) to reduce the damage caused by the economic epidemic Corona emerging, at the time of the request of citizens to cancel their trips internal to prevent the spread of the virus.
Said Treasury Secretary Josh Australian Fraijdenbrg, that this amount will raise the value of government aid and the central bank to support the economy to 189 billion Australian dollars (109.5 billion dollars), equivalent to 10% of GDP.
Small and non-profit companies will receive sums of up to 100 thousand Astralian dollars, and the salaries of the unemployed for work will be doubled, and the amount will be doubled.
Employees who will be able to drop their income at least 20% because of the spread of the epidemic, access to their compensation early, and allow those who face difficulties to withdraw from the compensation amount of up to 20 thousand Australian dollars over two years.
Astralia recorded more than 1,300 infections and seven deaths. The country closed its borders in a move to prevent unprecedented entry for non-residents, hoping to stop the outbreak of Covid virus -19.
Four areas, the island of Tasmania, the state of South Australia and the state of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, were imposed on my own day on my day. .