While Skype doesn't add the UAE and therefore the feature of voice and video calls isn't available within the remainder of the applications because it's blocked, users hunt for alternatives that job and supply these services free and with prime quality.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other popular services like Viber also provide these services, but they are doing not add the Emirates, which implies that they're just for text chatting, sharing files, photos, videos and recorded voice messages.

As for the free direct voice and video calls that an outsized group of users use to speak with their relatives, families and friends, and even use it to speak with work offices and corporations with colleagues, managers and work coordination, they're not available.

So what's the solution? this can be a robust question and it's good that there are alternatives that job and in an exceedingly legal way, without using VPN services that are prohibited in line with the laws effective locally.

BOTIM application


The first option is that the BOTIM - Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call app which is on the market free for Android and iPhone devices additionally to iPad.

The application has been approved by the telecom regulator within the Emirates, and is usually recommended by its telecommunications company for its customers.

In order to use it, you want to be subscribed to the unlimited calls plan which might cost you between 50 AED to 100 AED.

This application comes with the identical usual design for chat applications to supply you with various advantages and services, starting from text chat to the exchange of photos and videos and various file styles likewise as links and expressive stickers, while providing direct and high-quality video calls and don't forget that it also provides high-quality voice calls.

The application supports communication via the second, third and fourth generation networks, because it is supplied with the benefits of protection and encryption, and people responsible confirm it as an acquaintance of privacy.

C'Me application


Telecommunications companies within the UAE have also agreed to the C'Me - Voice & Video Calls app, which is meant for the aim of live video and voice chat.

It is suggested by both Emirates Telecom and du who offer offers and packages that provide use of the appliance and take pleasure in all its advantages.

The application is obtainable for both iPhone similarly as for Android and it comes with an easy-to-use design and provides users with text chat additionally to sharing photos and videos and also the remainder of the files similarly as sharing links and geographical locations and also the use of emojis and stickers.

 This app also offers prime quality audio and video calls to users at no cost.

Agora Video Call

Agora Video Call

Apart from the 2 options approved within the UAE, there are some applications that supply video and voice calls, and that they work certainly.

The Agora Video Call app is one in all the available options within which these features haven't been blocked, unlike WhatsApp and Skype.

With this application, you simply need a web connection to form video and audio calls to your friends, whether inside or outside the UAE with none additional costs.

The app is meant to make rooms and invite one person to speak with and you'll be able to invite family or friends and chat directly with them with high-quality video.

It is nice that it provides you with some modifications to the published, like adding texts, adjusting colors, or adding stickers, as is that the case with popular applications, including Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

You can download the appliance for Android devices from here and you'll be able to also download it from the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices. service


t is one amongst the most effective options which will be used especially on computer browsers and it also has an application for iPhone and iPad devices.

You can start video and audio chatting directly without the requirement for registration and you'll be able to use the service for remote meetings.

The broadcast begins, you publish and share the link with whom you would like to share, and celebrities can even use it for remote meeting with their audience.

You can invite anyone to talk with you, whether by using an iPhone or by adding a Chrome browser on their computer or the other browser by sharing the chat link with it.

You can have the benefit of this service here

Note: so as to use voice and video calls within the C'Me and BOTIM application you would like to take a paid service along with your telecom company, you'll be able to learn more on the du website or from the telecom company website