Distance education within the UAE today has become all Arab countries dependent on distance education in light of the spread of the Corona virus emerging in all Arab countries, where the official spokesperson on the matters announced education by the UAE Ministry of Education.

As the spokesperson, Amna Al-Dahhak, said that, under the direction of the UAE Cabinet, he decided to continue implementing the new distance education system inside the UAE, until the end of the current school year 2019-2020, for all public and private schools and higher education institutions nationwide.

In Haifa, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, "Amna Al-Dahhak", during the regular briefing on the emerging Corona virus, affirmed to all Arab countries that "education in the UAE is a priority, and has the support and follow-up of the general leadership of the UAE.

Which continuously receives from the ruler of the Emirates on a continuous follow-up, continuously follows the progress of the educational process to ensure the future of students, and to ensure the continuity of the best education in the country under exceptional circumstances, and at the same time to maintain the security and safety of the citizens of the state and the school community, the continuity of work has been adopted in a system Distance education until we have finished the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Since the beginning of the new Corona virus outbreak, a poll has been conducted, with more than 185,000 students and parents interacting with it with the aim of improving the new experience of distance education, and the Ministry of Education, based on its outputs, has rescheduled the new study plan, in order to ensure the sustainability of teaching and learning, It will be activated starting today, as evaluation and examination mechanisms are currently being updated and developed for all educational systems in the country, both general and higher education for the current academic year until the health status is modified and the fear of the Corona virus is reduced.

As the Ministry of Education has confirmed that it is constantly working to improve this new experience, and develop it in the next stage, by adding smart solutions and interactive applications to facilitate traffic for students, it is aimed at achieving the outputs of the educational process with ease, at all levels of study, as the ministry added new and smart applications and solutions For the new educational system inside the Emirates, it will be employed and used during the coming days, which will be activated on all private and public schools inside the Emirates, such as the platform A, the Alex platform specialized in mathematics for the upper levels, and the platform for the early childhood stages for children , Platform Nahla and Nahel specialized in raising the skills of reading, which will be available for all academic levels, and in the public education system and private within the UAE.