Samsung is preparing to offer the best camera lens on the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra
Samsung is preparing to offer the best camera lens on the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra

She showed and showed some reports in the world of modern technology, especially smart phones, about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra, which is expected to be launched in the global markets and announced officially in the near future.

In a related context, Al-Nasr newspaper learned from some sources in Samsung that the new phone will be officially announced in the month of February 2020, and a great anticipation from all technicians in the field of smart phones about the advantages of the new phone.

Samsung is preparing to launch a foldable phone with very cool features

But the Digital Trends website, which specializes in technology news, especially the new smart phone technology, has just shed light on the new phone. Samsung unveiled earlier.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra specifications and features

The camera resolution in the expected Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone is expected to reach 108 megapixels.
The second lens will be forty-eight megapixels accurate in this amazing phone.
The ratio of the optical zoom in the second camera to 10s.
The size of the new phone will be large compared to the rest of the phones from that modern technology.
The area of ​​the new phone will be greater, which will make the largest phones an area in the world.
Thanks to the large space, everything that the camera captures can be stored on the internal memory.
The image will be in standard technology and a specific style, which is JPG, which will consume less memory.
20 MB of photos in memory space in the new phone Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra samsung galaxy s20 ultra.
The SD memory card merges each other until it is stored over terabytes.
All the image that will be taken by the phone will be large size and very high quality.
The new phone will arrive in a number of hours in order to save new files, ranging from 123, 256 and 512 GB.

It should be noted that the Chinese company, "Xiaomi" in the field of smart phones, had previously launched a camera in its foldable 108-megapixel phone, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, which was announced in the previous year 2019.