Huawei supports P40 series phones with a Sony sensor of 52 MP
Huawei supports P40 series phones with a Sony sensor of 52 MP

We present through alnasr newspaper the advantages of the Huawei Huawei P40 Pro phone with the new Sony sensor with a accuracy of 52 megapixels, especially after the recent leaks that have spread in the international newspapers that Huawei will be put on the market soon.

In a related context, international newspapers have just shed light on a series of P40 phones that are expected to be put on the market soon by Huawei through the Sony IMX700 CMOS sensor with a resolution of 52 megapixels.

In a related context, Fiati came after the Korean giant presented the new phone Galaxy S20 Ultra with a new version in the camera.

It also showed and showed the Xiaomi company about the Mi 10 Pro phone, which scored a wonderful and higher performance in camera tests, where it is expected at the present time that Huawei is also preparing to launch a series of upcoming P40 phones with a modern upgrade in the camera specifications.

In that regard, Huawei, the owner of the wonderful mobile phones, is famous for supporting the new and distinctive versions of its smartphones with the best settings for the camera, and the case does not differ in the current year 2020 with the upcoming P40 series, where recent leaks indicated that the expected versions will include the Sony IMX700 CMOS sensor accurately Up to 52 MP.

On the other hand, this sensor is less than the user in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, but the Sony sensor will come with the RYYB Filters technology used earlier within the P30 Pro.

Recent rumors reveal that the Sony IMX700 sensor will adopt a 1 / 1.33 greater area with support for 4-by-4 or 16-pixel merging technology, so a pixel of 4.48μm larger size will be supported.

Also, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S20 Ultra phone with a merging technology of up to 9 pixels in pixels with a larger size of 2.4 μm, while the Xiaomi phone supports merging 4 pixels in pixels with a size of 1.6μm.

On the other hand, the P40 with pixels larger than 4.48 4.4m is expected to support the production of images of the highest quality and more accurate details in low light.

On the other hand, it is also expected that the phones will include a 40-megapixel sensor with very wide viewing angles, and also comes with a periscope camera to support optical zoom up to ten times, as the camera settings include ToF sensor.

Huawei P40 Pro 2020 phone features

The new phone has the new Sony sensor 52 MP.
Sony IMX700 CMOS sensor with 52 MP.
A new version in the camera.
RYYB Filters technology.
1 / 1.33m more space with support for 4-in-4 or 16-pixel merging technology.
Supporting 4.48μm pixel size.
4.48μm larger size Produce high-quality images and more accurate details in low-light.
Periscope camera for up to ten times optical zoom support.
Camera settings include ToF sensor.