Snapchat begins banning fake political ads
Snapchat begins banning fake political ads

Snapchat began to take action in order to talk to struggle through misleading content known to its network in the world, especially the emergence of misleading news in the recent period of political exploitation of all means of social communication in more than one country within the countries of the world.

In the context of the connected network Vtdqq Snape known chat in published political declarations which, in order to make sure not likely to lie or mislead, according to confirmed the company "snapchat" owner of the social networking site.

In that regard, it follows, those service in the current time favorite is extremely large in adolescents did not adopt the company Facebook strategy that allows a majority of political ads even if likely to have Alcaillh ads, and those approved by the company Twitter which intends to ban all those ads completely As soon as possible .

Snapchat new measures are being taken to combat disinformation

In this context, the President of Snape Shat and its Director General, Ivan Spiegel, spoke in that context, which was published through CNN BBC:

Said Ivan Spiegel: "What we are trying to do at the moment is to find a site for political ads through our platform, especially because we reaching any at present a large number of young people and people who are entitled to vote in the modern period."

And Ivan Spiegel indicated: "At the present time we want you to be able to engage in the discussion in its political universe," but we did not allow that we should not go away.

It is political Alacharah to the company or site snapchat prohibit large misleading or false political advertising, also it has a team very expensive for checking messages paid in order to make sure that they do not penetrate the social networking laws.