The Kuwaiti Ministry of Labor announced today that it will start evacuating stranded Egyptians in conflict with the law of residence in Kuwait this week.

Egypt's ambassador to Kuwait, Tariq Al-Qouni, confirmed yesterday, Sunday, that the flights in which violators of the residency law in the country will be evacuated from the Egyptian community will start this week.

Evacuating the stranded Egyptians
Ambassador Tariq Al-Qouni told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that evacuation trips will be reserved for stranded Egyptians for women and children from the residents of the centers for violators, who were provided with decent means of life and free meals and drinks to come in the coming days to transport all violators and return them to the homeland.

This statement comes after the Kuwaiti Ministry of the Interior resolved riots and anarchy by a number of the Egyptian community in their designated accommodation centers, due to their request to the Egyptian authorities to respond quickly to their request to return to their country.

Immediately after the riots and chaos, the security men immediately intervened and were controlled, and a number of those responsible for these acts were seized and transferred to the jurisdiction to take legal action against them.