HarmonyOS from Huawei to power Volkswagen cars in China – Al-Nasr Newspaper


According to reports from financial sources, Volkswagen is in talks with Huawei to use HarmonyOS in its cars sold in China. This decision was attributed to Chinese consumers’ preference for domestic technology and software problems plaguing Volkswagen. It is logical for Volkswagen to seek cooperation with Huawei in light of these factors. On the other hand, Seres decided to drop Android Auto and adopt HarmonyOS in its cars sold in Europe.

Interestingly, according to the sources, Volkswagen’s options were not limited to Huawei. The German car manufacturer is looking for a long-term partner in the Chinese market in general, but Huawei seems to be at the top of the list thanks to the HarmonyOS ecosystem it offers.

Volkswagen’s program is usually seen as lagging behind its competitors in the electric vehicle market, especially in China where the electric vehicle market is growing and competition is fierce. Even Huawei is now competing with its auto brand in the country.

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