Redmi Note 12 price in Egypt, specifications and features


Xiaomi, the leading technology and smartphone company, has officially announced the price and specifications of its new Redmi Note 12 phone in Egypt.

In a related technical context, the Redmi Note 12 is a distinguished phone that was previously launched in China and comes with a set of great features.

Redmi Note 12 specifications

Redmi Note 12 comes with interesting specifications, as it features a large AMOLED screen with a frequency of 120 Hz, which provides a smooth viewing experience and amazing viewing. The large screen gives the user a distinct visual experience, bright colors and high resolution.

advanced cameras

Redmi Note 12 comes with an advanced camera system, as it contains three rear cameras, including a 50MP main camera. This advanced camera enables the user to take high-quality pictures with accurate details, and gives him the possibility of professional and creative photography.

Powerful performance

Redmi Note 12 comes with a powerful processor from Qualcomm, which ensures fast and smooth performance in handling applications and games. It allows users to experience smooth multitasking without lag, and provides exceptional performance in heavy and demanding applications.

Huge battery and fast charging

Redmi Note 12 comes with a huge 5000 mAh battery, which provides long use.

Price and specifications of the Redmi Note 12 in Egypt:

The Redmi Note 12 comes with advanced specifications that make it a great choice for many users. We will take a look at the most important technical specifications of this phone:

Design and display:

Redmi Note 12 comes with a modern and elegant design, as it features a body made of glass and metal, with a thin frame that enhances its aesthetic appearance.

The screen comes with a size of 6.67 inches and AMOLED technology that provides vivid colors and high contrast, and comes with a low challenge frequency of 120 Hz, which provides a smooth browsing experience and a quick response to the user.

Performance and camera:

Redmi Note 12 comes with a powerful and advanced MediaTek Dimensity 810 processor, which provides a fast and smooth performance to run heavy applications and modern games.
The phone comes with three 50-megapixel rear cameras, a main camera, a macro camera, and a depth camera, allowing for clear and detailed photos in various lighting conditions.

Battery and charging:

The battery is one of the most prominent features of the Redmi Note 12, as it comes with a huge capacity of 5000 mAh, which provides long use without the need to recharge frequently.
The phone also supports 33W fast charging technology, allowing the battery to charge quickly and save waiting time.

Operating system and memory:

Redmi Note 12 comes with MIUI 13 based on Android 12, which provides an intuitive user interface and advanced features for customization.
The phone comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, which provides enough space to store photos, videos, and applications.

Connectivity and networks:

Redmi Note 12 supports advanced communication technologies, including the fifth generation 5G, providing ultra-fast internet speeds and outstanding performance in browsing, downloading applications, and sharing content. Users can enjoy a fast and reliable connection experience via 5G networks, which contributes to improving the overall user experience and browsing the Internet.

Redmi Note 12 features

Redmi Note 12 features include:

6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, to provide an excellent visual viewing experience with vivid colors and high contrast.

Triple-lens rear camera, including a 50MP main camera, to capture stunning photos and record high-quality videos.

A powerful processor from Qualcomm delivers a fast and smooth performance, allowing you to handle high-end graphics mobile applications and games with ease.

A huge 5000 mAh battery provides long use without the need to recharge frequently.

Support for 5G communication technology, to provide ultra-fast internet speeds and an advanced communication experience.

MIUI 13 operating system based on the Android operating system, which offers an easy-to-use user interface and a wide range of features and customizations.

The fingerprint sensor is integrated into the screen, for added security and unlocking the phone quickly and easily.

Stylish and modern design with high quality materials, with multiple color options to choose from.

Support for 33W fast charging, which allows the phone to be charged quickly, saving time and effort.

A suitable and acceptable price makes it an attractive option for users looking for a phone with excellent performance at a reasonable price.

Disadvantages of the Redmi Note 12 phone

The disadvantages of the Redmi Note 12 phone may include:

There is no water or dust protection, which makes it vulnerable to damage if exposed to water or dust.

The large screen size (6.67 inches) may not be suitable for some users who prefer smaller phones.

The 8MP selfie camera might be modest compared to some other phones in the same price category.

The side and back surfaces of the phone may be made of plastic instead of glass or metal, which reduces the durability and strength of the phone in the event of a fall.

MIUI 13 may contain some ads or pre-installed apps, which may be annoying to some users.

Some advanced features such as wireless charging or optical fingerprint sensor may be lacking in support on this phone.

In addition, availability, local phone support, and software updates may vary by region or market.

Users should keep these potential drawbacks in mind when considering purchasing the Redmi Note 12 or any other phone, and compare the features and drawbacks based on their personal needs and preferences.

What is the price of Redmi Note 12 Redmi Note 12 in Egypt?

Xiaomi said that its new smartphone, Redmi Note 12, will be available in Egypt during April 2022, at a price:

  • 6300 EGP for the version with a storage capacity of 128 GB and 4 GB RAM.
  • 7000 EGP for the same version, but with 6 GB of RAM.
  • 7500 EGP for the version with a storage capacity of 128 GB and 8 GB RAM.

On the other hand, Xiaomi provides an additional warranty on the screen for a period of 6 months when purchasing the phone, and the company also said that the version at a cheaper price with a storage capacity of 128 GB and 4 GB RAM will be available initially exclusively through the Amazon Egypt store.

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