A new innovation that eliminates electricity and solar energy.. You will not pay hundreds in the “monthly electricity bill” anymore!


Many users in Egypt suffer from a huge increase in electricity bills, as they have to pay high amounts every month. This causes problems for citizens, especially in the summer when temperatures rise and they need to use air conditioners and fans to reduce the heat and high humidity. And Egypt is witnessing a large consumption of electricity.

But there is a new innovation that can help generate electricity in a sustainable way and without the need for batteries. The Egyptian young man, Mohamed Mohamed Al-Aqari, invented a device that generates electricity using solar energy. This device was designed in response to the severe crisis that the country went through, specifically the gas shortage it was exposed to at that time.

This invention generates electricity directly from solar panels without the need for batteries. Al-Aqari explained that this device is capable of operating many appliances, such as an electric water heater and an iron. One of the advantages of this new device is that it works for up to 30 years and is not harmful to the environment.

This innovation can be a sustainable solution to generate electricity and reduce electrical energy consumption in an effective manner. It may contribute to easing the financial burdens on consumers and providing better energy.

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