Horror surrounds the world .. The brain chip company gets approval to start human experiments!


Neuralink, owned by Elon Musk, announces that it has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its first human trials.

Neuralink, a transplant company, aims to help people regain sight and movement by connecting brains to computers.

The company stresses that it has no immediate plans to start testing participants, although Musk’s previous aspirations in this regard did not yield tangible results.

The competent authority that determines the legislation related to these inventions has not commented yet.

Previously, Neuralink’s previous application for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was denied on safety grounds, according to a March report by Reuters that cited multiple current and former employees.

Neuralink aspires to use its microchips to treat conditions such as paralysis and blindness, and to help people with disabilities use computers and mobile technology.

The chips were designed and tested on monkeys to interpret neural signals from the brain and transmit information to devices via Bluetooth technology.

Musk has previously emphasized that the proposed technology can help reduce concerns about AI analyzing humans.

Neuralink promised more information “soon” about plans to enroll participants in the trial.

Experts have warned that Neuralink’s brain-implant technology will require extensive testing to overcome technical and ethical challenges if it is to become widely available.

The company, which Musk co-founded in 2016, seems very optimistic about the speed with which its plans can be implemented.

The company’s initial goal was to implant chips in human brains by 2020, to fulfill its earlier commitment, and later vowed to start in 2022.

The company suffered another blow last December, after it was investigated over allegations of breaches of animal health and welfare in its business. The company earlier denied these allegations.

Its announcement that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved human trials comes on the back of recent news of a similar breakthrough in brain implant technology by Swiss researchers.

A paralyzed man from the Netherlands has regained the ability to walk simply by thinking, thanks to a system of implantable chips that transmit his thoughts by wire to his legs and feet.

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