How did Elon Musk get to the top-following? – Al-Nasr Newspaper


Elon Musk’s first account on the Twitter platform.. Details of how he became the most followed?

The variety of topics Musk addresses in his tweets is a notable feature of attracting a wide audience. He publishes his opinions and thoughts on a variety of topics such as technology, economics, climate change and other important issues. This variety of topics helps attract a diverse audience with many interests.

Transparency and frankness

In his tweets, Musk is transparent and frank in presenting his opinions and ideas. Sometimes he presents his bold and controversial ideas, and addresses sensitive issues candidly. This grabs the attention of his followers and encourages them to participate in discussions and interact with his tweets.

Interact with followers

Musk is active in engaging with his Twitter followers, replying to some important comments and retweets. This encourages followers to participate and interact with him, and contributes to building a strong relationship with his audience.

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