Do you like privacy? Find out how to hide your phone number on WhatsApp in simple steps! – Al-Nasr Newspaper


The “WhatsApp” application is currently adding a new feature that allows users to hide their phone numbers in individual and group conversations, which gives them more privacy.

The new feature that appeared in the beta version of the application allows the creation of a username, and it is expected that this feature will be available in an upcoming update to the “WhatsApp” application, and it allows users to completely hide their phone numbers.

Currently, users can search for other people using their phone numbers on WhatsApp, but in the future, searches for users will be based on the “username” they set up instead of their phone number.

The new beta indicates that this feature will be available through the Profile page in the Settings menu, where users can set up a desired username.

There are many other messaging apps like Telegram and even Meta apps like Messenger that allow users to identify their accounts using usernames.

However, “WhatsApp” has not yet confirmed whether it will actually add the usernames feature.

If this feature is added in the future, it is uncertain if it will allow users to hide their phone numbers and only display usernames.

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