The Apple MR Headset features a battery similar to the MagSafe Battery Pack


Apple MR, with Apple’s annual WWDC event approaching, we are receiving more information about the mixed reality headset that the company intends to launch.

According to Mark Gurman’s latest report, it will include a battery pack and charger for the MR headset.

The battery pack for the MR headset is supposed to be about as big as an iPhone, but it will be thicker and charge via a USB-C port.

It is said to be similar to the iPhone MagSafe battery pack that debuted in 2021.

iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack

According to Mark Gurman’s report, there will be a cable connecting the battery pack to Apple’s mixed reality headset, and it will end in a special circular connector. Users can easily connect it to the speaker via magnet. Gurman also noted that the connector will be swivel, enabling users to lock it into place on the speaker by rotating it clockwise to securely lock it in.

The other end of the cable will be attached to the battery pack, and users will not be able to remove it.

In addition, Gurman expects that Apple’s new headset will allow all of the company’s existing iPad apps to run in mixed reality, as well as “hundreds” of third-party apps, without having to rewrite them. A new app dedicated to meditation will be included.

It is rumored that the price of the new MR headset from Apple will be $ 3000, and it will be available in the market soon.

Features of the Apple MR headset

Apple AirPods:
1- High and pure sound quality.
2- Wireless design that allows freedom of movement.
3- Easy pairing with other Apple devices.
4- It can be used to control music, answer phone calls, and control Siri, the personal assistant.
5- Quick and easy charging in its own charging case.
6- The ability to control music and calls by touch.

Apple HomePod mini:
1- High quality and pure sound quality.
2- An elegant and beautiful design that fits the interior decoration.
3- The feature of voice control and interaction with the personal assistant Siri.
4- The ability to create a multi-room audio system and play music throughout the house.
5- Easy pairing with other Apple products.
6- The ability to control lighting and other smart devices in the home connected to the HomeKit service.

In general, Apple products are characterized by high quality, elegant design, and integrated interaction with other Apple products, making them a popular choice for many users.

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