Price, specifications, defects and features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5


The leaks indicate that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 5G Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will come with a long 7.6-inch AMOLED main screen and a 6.2-inch AMOLED external screen, both of which will have a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. Both screens will also feature much higher brightness than in the previous generation.

The phone is also expected to come with a selfie camera built under the screen.

According to the leaks, the foldable phone will come with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC processor that will be paired with 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 4.0 internal storage with capacities of up to 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

The phone will feature super-fast performance and energy efficiency, which will make it able to smoothly handle gaming applications and other heavy tasks.

The phone will also come with a triple camera setup, which includes a 50MP lens, a 12MP lens, and a 10MP sensor. It is said that the primary camera will support 8K video recording at 30 frames per second, which will provide users with a clear, vivid, and high-resolution imaging experience.

The phone will come with an improved design that includes a new hinge mechanism that reduces crease and gap and makes it thinner and lighter. The phone will also be water resistant with an IPX8 rating, which means that it can survive under water for long periods of time without any damage.

The external screen will feature a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection, which makes it more durable and resistant to scratches and bumps.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Galaxy Z Fold5 5G has several great features, including:

  • A 7.6-inch AMOLED main screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes it display photos and videos smoothly and clearly.
  • 6.2-inch AMOLED external screen, which allows users to easily use the phone when it is not opened.
  • The powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB, 512GB or 1TB UFS 4.0 internal storage.
  • A triple camera setup of 50MP + 12MP + 10MP sensor, which supports 8K video recording at 30fps.
  • Improved design with new hinge mechanism for less visible crease, smaller gap, thinner and lighter weight, IPX8 water resistance and Gorilla Glass Victus 2.
  • A selfie camera is built under the screen, giving the phone a sleek and modern design.
  • Support for 5G networks, making internet connection faster and more stable.
  • The battery has a large capacity of 4400 mAh, which means that the phone can work for a long time without the need to recharge.

Disadvantages of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 5G phone

Since the Galaxy Z Fold5 5G has not yet been released, it is not possible to accurately determine the defects at this time. However, foldable phones in general face some challenges in terms of durability and stability, and their design and maintenance require special attention and care.

It is important to note that the price of the phone can be much higher than regular phones, which can be a disadvantage for some users.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 price

The price of the Galaxy Z Fold5 5G has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be much higher than the price of regular smartphones due to the foldable screen technology and the superior specifications that the phone contains. The official price will be revealed when it is officially announced by Samsung.

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