Thousands of dollars official reward from “ChatGPT” for anyone who finds the bug! – Al-Nasr Newspaper


OpenAI has announced a $20,000 bounty for anyone who finds bugs in its ChatGPT artificial intelligence tool or its GPT-4 programming language.

In its blog post on Tuesday, the company stated that the “Bug Bounty” program aims to invite people to report vulnerabilities, bugs, or security vulnerabilities that they find in the company’s systems. The company will offer cash rewards ranging from $200 for “low-risk” findings to $20,000 for “extraordinary finds.”

OpenAI states that the launch of the rewards program is based on the belief that “transparency and collaboration” are essential to address the “weaknesses and flaws” that appear with any complex technology.

To manage the application process and rewards, OpenAI teamed up with Bugcrowd, a platform that connects companies with a community of security researchers, according to Insider, which broke the news.

According to the OpenAI page on Bugcrowd, new requests are either rejected or accepted within two hours of being submitted. The bonuses of 7 Weakness Points have already been cashed out.

The Bugcrowd page also describes a series of issues that won’t be rewarded including “making the form say nasty things to you” and “making the form write malicious code for you”.

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