who are we

About the site:-

“Alnasr Newspaper” is a news website that cares about local and international Arab affairs and covers the news in complete transparency without any fanaticism or bias towards any parties or groups, whether political or otherwise, and we strive to deliver the event and the information as it is from its source without distortion or making amendments to it.

The newspaper “alnasr newspaper” is interested in news and sports specialties, in addition to covering sporting events and the latest developments in the world, with some articles and various news in many areas of sports.

The goal of the site: –

It aims to follow the news, moment by moment, present news with complete impartiality that serves Egypt and the Middle East, and publish news of interest to the Arab researcher, to spread thought and culture among the Arabs.

Publishing policy on alnasr newspaper website:

1- The “Alnasr Newspaper” website respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and its content, so the editors write the content of the site through a group of editors who are interested in the field of electronic journalism.

2- The management of the “alnasr newspaper” website apologizes for publishing any written or photographed news that violates the law.

3- The management of the site is not obligated to publish everything that comes to it, and the management of the site is committed to technical and technical considerations of its own.

4- The management of “alnasr newspaper” considers that any person who requests to publish material on the site has read these conditions well.

5- The site administration refrains from publishing materials that express bias towards a group, religion, or sect or offend them, or materials that lead to sectarian strife, or materials that offend religions and divine books, or include words, images, and expressions contrary to morals and public morals, or include any of the following: Forms of defamation and threats.