Ukraine has everything it needs to launch a counterattack in the coming weeks – Al-Nasr newspaper


John Kirby, the strategic communications coordinator for the US National Security Council, advanced in an interview with CNN on Thursday that Ukraine has everything it needs to launch a counterattack in the coming weeks. Kirby indicated that the Ukrainian army has all the supplies necessary to carry out this attack, but he did not reveal the date of the start of this attack.

Kirby also emphasized that the latest package of $300 million in military aid that Ukraine received includes nearly 98% of the equipment that Ukrainian forces need to carry out offensive operations in the spring and coming months.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denis Schmigal, had stated on April 1 that the Ukrainian defensive offensive might begin in the summer, while some American media expected the attack to begin on April 30.

This military aid comes within the framework of efforts made by Western countries to support Ukraine in its confrontation with the Russian military operation in the country. The United States has provided $35.7 billion in military aid to Ukraine since the start of the Russian special military operation, including HIMARS missiles, Hydra 70 missiles, artillery shells, and anti-tank weapons. The European Council also agreed to provide an aid package of 545 million euros to Ukraine.

Despite this military and political aid provided by Western countries to Ukraine, border tensions with Russia still exist and the risk of an open military conflict between the two sides is escalating. It is important for the international community to work to calm the situation and work to find peaceful solutions to the current crisis, because the armed conflict will only lead to destruction and great human and material losses.

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