G7 leaders visit Hiroshima Museum


The visit of the G7 leaders to the Hiroshima Museum is an important event that affirms the leaders’ commitment to nuclear disarmament and the achievement of a nuclear-free world. This visit is considered historic as the Hiroshima Museum is a place that preserves the memory of one of the most devastating events in modern history.

It is important that leaders commit to taking practical actions for nuclear disarmament and moving quickly toward a world free of nuclear weapons. These efforts must be fully supported by the international community and all countries present at the summit, which must work in a coherent and coordinated manner to achieve this noble goal.

The focus must be on dialogue, negotiation and the provision of the necessary guarantees for nuclear disarmament, including governmental, regulatory, educational and social measures that encourage the abandonment of nuclear weapons and reduce the risk of their detonation. States must also be encouraged to accede to nuclear disarmament treaties and adhere to international standards regarding nuclear weapons.

And there must be wide international cooperation to achieve this goal, and the governmental countries must take serious and practical measures to achieve nuclear disarmament, and cooperate with international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other international partners in this field.

Emphasis must be placed on enhancing dialogue and negotiation between countries, achieving transparency and mutual trust, and encouraging the countries present at the summit to commit themselves to making clear and practical contributions to achieve this noble goal.

These efforts must be part of broader efforts to achieve international peace and security, sustainable development, social justice and human rights. Everyone must work in a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and equality, and leaders must show wisdom, responsibility and serious and effective leadership to achieve this noble goal and preserve human dignity and a better future for future generations.

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