Iraq and Saudi Arabia are discussing strengthening political, security and military relations


Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein expressed the need to intensify joint action to combat drug trafficking and combat ISIS terrorist gangs, during a meeting of the Political, Security and Military Committee emanating from the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, in the presence of the Saudi Foreign Minister and a number of military and security leaders from the two countries.

The strong fraternal relations between the two countries and ways of enhancing and developing them in various fields were reviewed, in addition to discussing topics on the agenda and preparing memorandums of understanding in the field of facilitating travel procedures between the two countries. They discussed the latest developments on the regional and international arenas.

This meeting is a continuation of the previous series of meetings between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and reflects the commitment of the two countries to strengthening bilateral cooperation and joint action in the areas of security, stability and combating terrorism. It is important to note that this meeting comes in light of the security and economic challenges facing the region, and reinforces international efforts to enhance security and stability in the region.

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