The Pentagon calls on the US military to formally prepare for a confrontation with China in light of the current tensions


Officially, Thursday evening, Pentagon leaders revealed that the US military must be prepared and ready at any time for a possible confrontation with China, especially with the escalation of tensions between the two countries.

The Pentagon issues warnings to the American people and the American army: “Prepare to confront China”

The security challenges facing the United States of America in Asia require the US military to prepare for a possible confrontation with China, according to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. From this standpoint, and after Congress confirmed the approval of the proposed Defense Department budget of 842 billion dollars, the US military must prepare with full competence and readiness to confront any threat it may face in the region.

The move follows Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow, amid fears that China will step up support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine, which could increasingly threaten the West.

The challenge facing the United States in Asia is not new, but it has become more serious in recent times, as China has become a major military power and is trying to enhance its influence in the region, which poses a threat to US national security. Accordingly, the US Department of Defense and the US Army must modernize military forces in Asia and around the world to maintain US national security and maintain peace in the region.

It is important to prepare well for fighting, because the financial cost of fighting wars is very expensive, but the army can be equipped to fight at lower costs.

The Ministry of Defense continues to modernize its forces to ensure that they are ready to fight if necessary, and this means that it must continue to modernize military equipment and develop the military capabilities of the forces.

It can be said that our rates of operational readiness at the present time are the highest in many years, more than 60 percent of the active force is in the highest state of readiness at the present time, and 10 percent of the forces can be deployed in just 96 hours, and this means that we are ready To face any challenges that may face us.

However, the erosion of military equipment and the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan affected the readiness of the forces, so the United States is working to replace the weapon systems and give the forces enough time to recalibrate them and improve their readiness for combat missions in the future.

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