Mexico .. 10 dead and 9 wounded in an attack on participants in a car race – Al-Nasr Newspaper


Mexican authorities reported on Sunday that a group of amateur racing drivers had been shot in the northern Mexican town of Ensenada, near the US border, leaving 10 dead and nine injured.

The authorities stated in their statement that the drivers were racing and stopped at the side of the highway when an armed group got out of a pickup truck and started shooting at them.

The statement added that the incident took place as part of the authorities’ investigation into the escalating violence in the region, and the authorities have not revealed the motives for the attack or the identity of the attackers so far.

The injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment, while the authorities began investigating the incident and collecting evidence and witnesses to uncover the circumstances of the incident and identify those responsible.

Mexico suffers from the escalation of violence and the spread of organized crime in some areas, and shootings and armed attacks are one of the common forms of violence in the country. The authorities are working hard to combat crime and enhance security, but significant challenges remain.

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