The United States of America allocates $100 million to help the displaced in Sudan and their neighbors


In a move aimed at supporting the displaced in Sudan and alleviating the humanitarian crisis ravaging Sudan and its neighbors, the United States of America announced on Friday the allocation of $100 million in aid.

This decision comes in light of the ongoing clashes between the army forces and the Rapid Support Forces, which have caused the displacement of many people.

Support for Sudan and its neighbors

The United States has allocated $50 million to meet critical needs inside Sudan, with the aim of providing care and support for the displaced. In addition, $22 million will be allocated to support South Sudan, $17 million to support Chad, and $6 million to support Egypt.

support in Chad

The funds allocated to Chad will be directed to the World Food Programme, where food and cash assistance will be provided to more than 135,000 people, including refugees from Sudan. This aid comes at a time when Chad is facing severe pressure as a result of the humanitarian crisis in the region.

urgent needs in Sudan

The United Nations has stated that Sudan needs $3.03 billion in urgent aid, and it is estimated that more than a million people may flee to neighboring countries this year, increasing pressure on the country.

urgent needs in Sudan

Chad is facing severe pressure due to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Sudan. In this context, the United States is cooperating with Saudi Arabia to mediate a temporary ceasefire, paving the way for the provision of necessary humanitarian assistance. This joint effort aims to restore stability and improve the living conditions of the displaced and refugees.

challenges faced by South Sudan

Not only is the humanitarian crisis in Sudan, South Sudan is also experiencing a serious humanitarian crisis. The country suffers from escalating internal clashes and conflicts, causing the displacement of many people and exacerbating human suffering. South Sudan needs international support and cooperation to achieve stability and provide the necessary assistance to those affected.

The role of the international community in helping the displaced

The efforts made by the United States and other supporting countries reflect their commitment to assisting the displaced and refugees and alleviating their suffering. The international community must work jointly and increase cooperation in order to address humanitarian crises and provide financial support and resources to affected countries.

Finally, with continuous cooperation, new opportunities can be achieved for the displaced, improving their living conditions, and providing safety and stability.

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