Mauritania votes in the second legislative round – Al-Nasr newspaper


Today, Saturday, in Mauritania, the second round of legislative elections will take place in 22 electoral districts, including 4 external ones, as 412,264 voters go to 1,087 polling stations.

This round comes because some constituencies were not decided in the first round, which was held on May 13.

The Independent Electoral Commission confirmed its readiness to provide all necessary means to conduct free, transparent and fair elections. In the first round, the turnout was 71.8 percent, and 25 licensed parties in the country competed for 176 parliamentary seats, 13 regional councils, and 238 municipal councils.

This parliamentary election takes place in two electoral systems according to the types of constituencies, and aims to achieve better representation of the different segments of the population in parliament, regional and municipal councils, and to enhance democracy and transparency in the political process in Mauritania.

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