Mauritania.. The second round of the Mauritanian legislative elections has begun to determine parliamentary seats


On Saturday, the second round of legislative elections began in a number of constituencies that were not decided in the first round, which was organized last May 13. This second round comes to complete the process of forming the Mauritanian parliament and determining the remaining parliamentary seats.

Previous results The first round of legislative elections

In the first round of the legislative elections, 40 electoral districts were decided for the legislative, while the decision of 22 electoral districts was postponed to the second round. Among these postponed electoral districts, they include 4 districts abroad, thus leaving 36 parliamentary seats out of 176 seats.

election systems

The second round of legislative elections takes place, due to the adoption of two electoral systems that vary according to the types of electoral districts.

Voting turnout

According to the media advisor and official spokesperson for the Independent Elections Commission, today 412,264 voters inside Mauritania and at the level of its community abroad go to 1087 polling stations at the level of 22 electoral districts, including 4 abroad.

Transparency of the electoral process

The media consultant confirmed that all means are harnessed to conduct the elections in free, transparent and fair conditions, which guarantees the success of the electoral process.

previous participation rate

According to the Independent Elections Commission, the turnout in the legislative, regional and municipal elections held in the first round on May 13 was 71.8 percent.

political competition

In these elections, 25 licensed parties in the country competed for 176 parliamentary seats, 13 regional councils and 238 municipal councils.

The second round of the Mauritanian legislative elections is an opportunity to complete the formation of the parliament and determine the remaining parliamentary seats.

The election process is expected to take place in free and transparent conditions and to ensure the integrity of the results.

Finally, the high turnout of citizens to vote reflects their desire to participate in the democratic process and achieve a better future for the country.

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