The United States of America will forcefully protect its personnel in Syria


US President Joe Biden said that the United States will respond strongly to protect its citizens, after the American forces struck targets in Syria on Friday, targeting sites used by groups affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, after Iran was involved in an upcoming attack on American forces, which resulted in the death of an American contractor and injury. Another seven are in northeastern Syria.

The US Army in Syria: Politics and Alliances

When the presence of US forces in Syria was first announced in 2015, few expected this operation to reach the scale it has now. It started as part of the international coalition to fight the terrorist organization ISIS, and the mission was called “Inherent Resolve”.

However, after the success of the ISIS battles and the declaration of victory over it, the US army remained in Syria to continue the alliance with the local forces in Syria.

Details of the American presence in Syria

There are now more than 900 US troops in Syria, mainly working with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Syrian Special Forces (SSF) in northeastern Syria. This military presence is funded by the US Department of Defense budget, and is part of US foreign policy in the region.

US President Joe Biden and the alliances in Syria

US forces in Syria operate in alliance with local forces in Syria, including the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Special Forces. Funded mainly by the United States of America, these alliances aim to assist local forces in the fight against terrorism.

The momentum of the war in Syria and its repercussions cannot be ignored, and the United States of America was among the many countries that participated in these violent conflicts. Since 2015, the United States of America has sent armed forces to Syria to help fight ISIS, which was occupying large swaths of Syrian territory.

Below, we will take a look at US policy in Syria and its impact on the current conflicts in this volatile country. Since the beginning of the presence of US forces in Syria, US policy has revolved around the primary goal of helping to fight ISIS. This goal has been expanded to include support for the Kurdish forces in Syria, which are now the main ally of the United States of America in this conflict.

Since then, the United States has been working to provide military and financial support to the Kurdish forces and the moderate Syrian opposition, with the aim of affecting the military balance and embarrassing the Syrian regime and Russia, who support the current Syrian government.

It is important to note that US policy in Syria has not always been stable, especially in recent years, as some differences have emerged in views and priorities between the administrations of former US President Barack Obama and the current President, Joe Biden. These differences represent a reduction in military support for the forces

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