Protests in Paris against the company “Black Rock” because of the retirement system


The demonstrators in the capital, Paris, the capital of the State of France, today protested against the global investment company, “Black Rock”, because of the retirement system that the French government intends to reform.

The demonstrators approached the company’s building in the center of the French capital, which led to a halt to traffic in the area.

The protests came due to the French government’s plans to reform the pension system, which it says will lead to a reduction in the rights of retirees.

Paris: Demonstrators seize the headquarters of the largest investment fund in the world

And the “Black Rock” company is one of the most prominent companies that manage the assets of retirees, which made the demonstrators target it, and the protests in France have witnessed a remarkable rise in recent times, as citizens took to the streets to protest many issues, including the retirement system, tax increases and climate changes.

Tension is increasing in France, which calls on the French government to find solutions to the current problems, and it is expected that the tension will continue in the country with the escalation of protests and demonstrations, while the government seeks to find solutions that satisfy the citizens and maintain the stability of the country.

Media reported that dozens of trade unionists critical of the sweeping pension reform announced by French President Emmanuel Macron briefly stormed the building, and staff were evacuated from the building earlier in the day before the protesters arrived.

Protests are escalating in France, where citizens reject government-led reforms they believe will curtail their rights.

These protests have disrupted many public services in the country, including public transportation, schools and hospitals.

The French government seeks to maintain social order and improve the living conditions of citizens, but they are having difficulty reaching an agreement with protesters and trade unionists who view the reforms with suspicion.

Thus, the government must work to de-escalate tensions and find solutions that satisfy citizens and enhance stability in the country.

It was reported that the demonstrators raised slogans against the pension system, as well as fired fireworks and smoke bombs, and shouted “We are here” inside the building, which is considered a symbol of the revolution and banks because it contains many financial companies.

The storming of the building is part of a series of protests taking place in France since the beginning of this year, which are calling for the abolition of social and tax reforms aimed at reducing the country’s fiscal deficit.

Protests and demonstrations are a common means of expressing opinion in France, and they enjoy wide support from the public and trade unions, but the demonstrators must deal with these events in a peaceful and responsible manner, and respect the rights of others and the law, so that they can reach their goals effectively and in an orderly manner.

France has been suffering for some time from a large wave of protests against the reform of the retirement system, which is not widely popular in the country. the poor and middle classes of society.

French President Emmanuel Macron is seeking comprehensive reforms in the country’s social and tax system, with the aim of improving the economic situation and reducing the fiscal deficit.

However, these measures raise widespread controversy and face violent protests from citizens, who reject these reforms and see them as a threat to their lives and livelihood.

The French government must find compromise solutions to this political and social crisis, which meet the demands of the citizens and achieve the interests of the country at the same time.

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