Paris now.. Riots and arrests increased after the killing of the boy, Nael, by police bullets


In recent days, the city of Paris in France has witnessed an increase in riots and protests against the backdrop of the killing of the young man, Nael, at the hands of the police. This tragic incident angered the population and exacerbated tension in the city. This event is considered an important shift in the current events, and therefore we will address it in this article. Details of the riots and arrests that followed the killing of the boy, Nael.

The events began when the 17-year-old, Nael, crossed a traffic checkpoint in the suburb of Nanterre, west of Paris. Two policemen stopped him, and in a horrific scene, one of them shot him, resulting in his death. A video of the incident spread widely, which angered many people.

authorities response

The French Minister of the Interior denounced the incident, describing it as “very shocking.” An investigation was opened into the incident and police officers were interrogated. The policeman accused of shooting the young man was detained on charges of murder. The authorities deployed thousands of security men to prevent the expansion of violent protests and riots in the city.

Modernization of popular neighborhoods

France is betting heavily on the modernization of popular neighborhoods to address potential problems and tensions through the “City Policy” program that began in 1990. This program aims to improve infrastructure, provide job opportunities, provide education and combat discrimination in these neighborhoods. However, this policy faces challenges in Achieving desired aspirations.

city ​​policy

Policies pursued under the “City Policy” program sometimes lack the necessary ambition. For example, French President Emmanuel Macron in 2018 rejected a report supporting a city policy focused on education, employment and anti-discrimination. This raises some questions about the program’s effectiveness.

expected protests

After the tragic incident, anger and protests increased in Paris and other parts of France. These protests are expected to continue for several days, and may be accompanied by riots and clashes with the security forces. The authorities must deal with caution and understanding to calm the situation and work to find constructive solutions.

Finally, the killing of the young man Nael in Paris angered the population and caused protests and riots. The authorities responded by deploying security forces to prevent the situation from worsening, and an investigation was opened into the incident. This incident shows the challenges that France faces in modernizing popular neighborhoods and combating potential tensions.

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