French President Emmanuel Macron in China… a new French setback


French President Emmanuel Macron is facing difficulties in finding a starting point for peace in Ukraine, as he was unable to get China’s support in his recent visit to Beijing and meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. In this article, we will talk about this visit and China’s position on the Ukrainian crisis.

What is Ukraine file?

The Ukraine file is one of the important international files that French President Emmanuel Macron is working on, as he seeks to find a diplomatic solution to this crisis. The problem is the existence of a conflict between the Western powers and Russia over the latter’s control over Ukraine.

Macron’s visit to China

French President Emmanuel Macron visited China in April 2022 with the aim of promoting trade relations between China and France, as well as to discuss the Ukraine file. Macron met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and tried to get his support in resolving the Ukrainian crisis.

What is China’s position on the Ukrainian crisis?

French President Emmanuel Macron did not get any support from China in the Ukraine file, as Chinese President Xi Jinping affirmed China’s firm position not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, indicating that China cannot support the French. .

The impact of Macron’s visit to China on diplomatic relations

The visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to China raises many questions about diplomatic relations between the two countries and their impact on international policy files, especially the Ukrainian crisis. As this visit sparked great controversy in France and Europe and was widely monitored by the international media.

Macron’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping witnessed the signing of a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding. The French president also announced France’s readiness to cooperate with China in the fields of economy and politics, especially in climate change and human rights files. However, talk about the importance of this visit began to turn into a discussion about the Ukrainian file, especially after the Chinese President’s statements in support of Russia’s position in the Ukrainian crisis.

China’s intervention in the Ukrainian crisis

Macron’s visit to China coincides with the escalation of the situation in the Ukrainian crisis and the escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In this context, China’s intervention in this international file raises questions about its role in the crisis and whether it will contribute to ending the conflict between the two countries or not.

Although China does not share many international files with Russia, it has economic and strategic interests in Russia, and therefore it may be able to pressure Russia to concede on some international issues.

These interests include areas such as oil and gas, raw materials, infrastructure, weapons and technology. China may strengthen its relations with Russia in these areas to increase its influence over Russia, but it may face challenges in dealing with Russian companies that are not transparent and dishonest business dealings.

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