Kiev’s allies confirm full support, and Moscow denounces their involvement in the war


The Ukrainian crisis is escalating, as Russia is trying to control the eastern regions of Ukraine, while Kiev is trying to preserve its national unity.

In a related context, and this comes in the midst of these events, countries and allies adopt different positions towards the conflict.

In this context, Kiev’s allies confirm their support for the Ukrainian government and their confrontation with the Russian threat. On the other hand, Moscow denounces this support and accuses the allies of being involved in the war.

Confirm the support of Kyiv allies

European Union

European countries are one of Kiev’s most important allies in the Ukrainian crisis, as European Union countries are keen to support the Ukrainian government and preserve Ukraine’s unity. European Union officials have expressed their deep concern about Russia’s interference in the Ukrainian conflict, and have affirmed their full support for the Ukrainian government.

United States of America
The United States of America is an important ally of Ukraine in the current conflict, as it provides political and military support to the Ukrainian government. US President Joe Biden affirmed his country’s support for Ukraine in confronting the Russian threat, and stressed the need for the international community to move to confront Russian interference in the conflict.


Turkey is an important ally of Ukraine in the current conflict, providing political and military support to the Ukrainian government. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly emphasized his country’s support for Ukraine in this conflict.

He announced the provision of the Ukrainian army with the necessary weapons to confront the Russian army, in addition to political and diplomatic support. An agreement was signed between Türkiye and Ukraine to enhance military and industrial cooperation between the two countries.

Strong international support for Ukraine in the face of Russia

Today, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed that international support for Ukraine remains strong and solid, as he met with allied countries in Germany to discuss ways to provide additional support to Kiev in its confrontation with Russia.

Ask for help

Before the talks, in which representatives of 50 countries participated, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Western allies to provide his country with more combat aircraft and long-range missiles to confront Russian forces.

In this context, the United States intends to supply Ukraine with air-to-air and long-range missiles, according to a statement issued by the US Department of Defense.

The importance of logistical support

And the US Secretary of State indicated that the meeting of the defense contact group on Ukraine “will focus on three main issues: air defense, ammunition and support elements,” referring to logistical support and other things that allow military units to operate.

Logistical support is an important element in the confrontation with the enemy, as it helps to provide equipment and weapons, and to provide the army with the necessary consumables and medical supplies.

Broader support for Ukraine

Yes, correct. The situation in Ukraine is witnessing an escalation of violence by Russian forces, and this requires strong international support to resolve the crisis peacefully and end the conflict. The international community must work seriously to find solutions to achieve stability in the region and achieve peace.

European training for 16 thousand soldiers

Ukraine is currently witnessing an escalation in Russian missile attacks on its territory, which requires strong support from Western allies to meet these challenges. NATO countries and the European Union provide military support to Ukraine in this regard.

Soviet fighters and air defense systems

Ukraine received support from NATO countries in the form of sending a number of Soviet fighters, including the modern “F-16” aircraft requested by Kiev, to its territory. The Ukrainian state has also acquired advanced air defense systems, such as the “Patriot” missile system, which can detect and shoot down hostile missiles.

Iris-T anti-missile system

In addition, the state of Germany has provided support to Ukraine in the form of the Iris-T anti-missile system, which is an advanced system that can counter hostile missiles with high effectiveness.

Training forces and providing them with ammunition, and how did the allies provide military support to Ukraine in the face of Russian missile attacks?

The European Union is also supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian missile attacks by training Ukrainian forces and providing them with appropriate ammunition.

The European Union contributes to strengthening Ukrainian defense capabilities

The European Union announced that it has already trained more than 16,000 Ukrainian military personnel and delivered more than 600 million pieces of ammunition and various missiles to enhance the Ukrainian defense capabilities in the face of Russian missile attacks.

For his part, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov expressed his appreciation for this support, and referred to the “fruitful” talks on military aid that took place at a meeting between Kiev representatives and their American counterparts.

In order to enhance the Ukrainian air defense capabilities, Germany delivered an Iris-T anti-missile system, and Kiev announced that it had received the first shipment of “Patriot” missiles, which are among the most advanced air defense systems.

This military aid comes in light of the current tensions between Ukraine and Russia, as the disputed border region recently witnessed a temporary decline in attacks, but the Russian threat remains.

The European Union is making great efforts to assist Ukraine in facing current security challenges, and military support is one of the main components of this assistance.

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