Oliver Dowden appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Alex Chalke Minister of Justice – Al-Nasr newspaper


The British government has announced the appointment of Oliver Dowden as Deputy Prime Minister following the resignation of Dominic Raab. Raab had resigned from his post after allegations of bullying employees while serving as a minister in various departments. The government said in a statement that the justice portfolio was also assigned to Alex Chalk, to replace Dominic Raab in the position.

British Prime Minister’s reaction

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he was sad to accept Raab’s resignation, but stressed that it was the right decision to do so.

British Government lineup

The line-up of the British government included the appointment of Oliver Dowden as Deputy Prime Minister and Alex Chalke as Minister of Justice. The government hopes that the two will be able to work to improve the situation in the country and develop many important files.

The importance of this appointment

Dowden is expected to play a large role in the British government after his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister. Chalke, who replaces Rab in the Ministry of Justice, can achieve great achievements in justice files and strengthen its role in society. With this appointment, the British government appears determined to improve and develop performance in various files and to enhance confidence between citizens and the government.

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