The most prominent decisions of the Council of Ministers at its meeting today

The large layoff of expatriates hurts the Kuwaiti construction market # Kuwait

Information Technology Kuwait launches new services within the Ministry of Interior platform

The Council of Ministers approves the new stages of operating the Kuwait International Airport as of August 1, 2020

Corona treatment details in the UAE are free

Dubai government issues decisions to return all health services to all citizens and residents

Abu Dhabi surprised all expats with decisions that make them one of its top priorities today

Today, the Ministry of Interior issues a sentence for stays dealers and 500,000 bank guarantees

Allowing citizens to travel without requiring 30 days abroad. Cancellation of the requirement to issue a PCR certificate in Arabic

The Cabinet issues 6 decisions today to return work for all citizens and expatriates

Today, the UAE issues applications that facilitate, dissolve and complete all electronic services for all citizens and residents

The most important applications for Kuwaiti citizens for residents to end all government services from home

Australia .. Increase humanities fees to pay students to other majors

Australian Prime Minister: We can respond with confidence to any new outbreak of Covid-19

Australia declares the first death from corona virus in more than a month

Residential: No arrivals after 1-7-2021 in Kuwait

The Ministry of Interior issues the temporary residence holders service by returning to their previous stays today

The fact that the Civil Service Bureau decided to appoint medical and nursing cadres from the Bedoon category

Australia raises the minimum wage by 1.75% in July

Setback in New Zealand ... Two women from Britain threaten to spread a new wave of Corona

The government decides to subsidize Australians to cover energy and late service bills

Australia defeats the Corona virus .. and return to celebrations!

The Icelandic government is again cutting interest rates to a record low

New Zealand defeats the Corona virus .. and return to celebrations!