This morning, hundreds of rainbow lorquette birds died and were paralyzed in Australia.

In a related context, this disease is known as lorquette paralysis syndrome, and it makes birds unable to move and breathe, according to what was reported by the "Daily Mail".

Daryl Jones of Griffith University spoke to the newspaper, "Daily Mail Australia", that the disease is similar in spread to the emergence of the emerging coronavirus through communication between people in society.

On the one hand, expert, Daryl Jones, from Griffith University, added to the newspaper, "Daily Mail Australia": "These birds fight each other unreasonably, bite each other, breathe in the face of each other, and so the virus spreads."

"It is very similar to the Corona virus itself, it is a completely new virus and we don't know much about it, and it appears to be spreading as birds gather in large numbers," Daryl Jones from Griffith University told the Daily Mail Australia.

At the present time, the disease progresses slowly in the body of the bird until the latter becomes paralyzed, his lungs swell and suffocate. The disease begins to spread from the foot, so the bird loses its balance on landing, falls, and spends within an hour.

On the other hand, the virus has spread in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and the disease was discovered for the first time in three years.

All veterinarians all tried to study the source of the spread of the disease, and Professor Jones said: "Veterinarians have researched the diet and it is strange that the African tulip tree may be responsible for the spread of the disease."

It should be noted that Daryl Jones of Griffith University told the newspaper "Daily Mail Australia" advised not to feed the birds for a period of time for their safety.