Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

The rational leadership in Abu Dhabi issues decisions today regarding all expatriates in order to make them their priority and the return of all expatriates to their jobs.

In implementation of the guidance of the rational leadership in Abu Dhabi, the Corona Crisis and Disaster Management Committee in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Economic Development, designed several programs to ensure the protection of workers. Rights, security and safety during the "Covid 19" pandemic.

Since the beginning of the global health crisis, the Committee has ensured a safe working environment, taking into account all precautionary measures and in accordance with the highest international standards, and the application of preventive health measures, in order to ensure the safety of workers from transportation. The committee also provided free medical examination to all residents of industrial and labor cities, and free treatment for those who were confirmed injured, and made sure to provide educational materials in several languages ​​and through several means, to educate workers about the risks of Covid-19 and ways to prevent it.

The committee was keen on the continuous follow-up of employment affairs to verify their conditions in general, and coordinated with the relevant authorities to provide an adequate living environment for workers who lost their jobs due to the epidemic, which included housing and housing. Coordination is also taking place with the various authorities to ensure that workers obtain all their wages, dues, financial allocations and other rights.

This, and the committee has coordinated the return trips of more than 180,000 workers during the past three months, after ensuring that they are free of injury and that they have all their rights.

The committee stressed that the directives of the rational leadership in Abu Dhabi were clear and explicit regarding the protection of workers' rights, and that the measures taken during the past years aimed at protecting workers and their rights, and improving the applicable regulatory systems. It reflects the emirate's commitment to fairness, protection, and treatment of workers with dignity and respect without discrimination.