Australian Prime Minister
Australian Prime Minister

The Australian government agreed to reduce the proposed tax on foreign youth who come to Australia for work during the summer vacation period to 15 percent of their income after strong disagreements between the government and parliament over this tax that the government wanted to be at 32.5 percent.

Meanwhile, opposition parties demanded that it be reduced to only 10.5 percent. Farmers had complained that the government's plan to impose a 32.5 percent tax on this employment would lead to a severe shortage of seasonal employment needed for harvesting fruit during the harvest.

The government was forced to reduce the proposed tax rate to 19.5 percent initially due to strong opposition from ministers from rural areas in the government and opposition parties, but the Senate also rejected this tax last week and most members supported a proposal to cut the tax to only 10.5 percent.

For his part, Australian Treasury Secretary Scott Morrison told reporters yesterday that the government decided to reduce the proposed tax again to 15 per cent. Migrant migrant workers who work in an Australian territory for a period of 3 months are entitled to extend the residence visa period for another 12 months.

Stuart Rose Warren, associate professor at the University of Sydney, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur: About 60 per cent of workers in fruit collection and seasonal work in Australian rural areas are migrant workers, especially from Britain, Germany, South Korea and Taiwan.

He added that this employment is an important part of Australia's rural economy, and is also very important for farmers in harvest operations.

And imposing a tax on them equivalent to almost a third of their income could result in a large number of foreign youth leaving their work in Australia during the summer vacation. It is noteworthy that a migrant worker tax is imposed on the work visa during the summer vacation issued by the government for young people under the age of 31 who wish to travel and work in Australia.

The Australian government limits this visa to citizens of only 19 countries, and the government has had to abolish a proposed tax of 32.5 per cent for holders of temporary employment visas from foreigners after strong opposition from Parliament, tourism companies and farmers who rely heavily on this employment during the harvest season. .

Young foreigners working during the holiday period in Australia did not pay income taxes if the income was less than A $ 18.2 thousand ($ 13.9 thousand) during their stay in Australia, which is almost the income of most of these workers.