Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison

Australia announced this morning the first death from the Corona virus in over a month, and it is for a man in the eighties who died last night in the state of Victoria.

The state of Victoria is the second most populous Australian state and has a double-digit increase in cases for the eighth consecutive day.

In a related context, Brett Sutton, the state's top health official, told reporters in Melbourne that she had registered 20 new cases last night, bringing the total to nearly 1900 after recording 17 cases on Tuesday and 16 cases the previous day.

The increase in cases in Victoria raised fears of a second outbreak, after 241 cases were identified as infectious cases, an increase of eight cases from Tuesday.

And the authorities in Victoria, which has become the epicenter of the outbreak in Australia, are trying to contain the spread of the virus in about six suburbs in the city of Melbourne, the largest city in the country that has witnessed a rise in cases of infection.

Corona's death rate and death rates are limited in Australia to date, with more than 7,500 injuries and 103 deaths, assisted by strict closures and social distancing rules.


On the other hand, Australia recorded, today, Wednesday, a new rise in the number of registered infections with the emerging coronavirus "Covid-19", during the past 24 hours.

The Australian Minister of Health, Jenny Mikakos, has announced that 20 new cases have been registered in the state, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases in Australia to 7,492, which has recovered 6,915 people.

Australian health added that the death of a man in the eighties was reported, which brings the number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Australia to 103 deaths, the first rise in more than a month.

Earlier, the Australian authorities warned citizens against approaching 6 areas in Victoria due to the exacerbation of the outbreak of the Corona virus in the state and the tightening of closures.

The main Australian Health Authority, the main Australian Health Protection Committee, issued a statement on Sunday urging not to travel to the six dangerous areas, namely Melbourne-Hume, Casey, Brembank, Moorland, Cardinia and Durban, in order to control the spread.

Health officials fear the state will be on the brink of a second wave after Victoria's cases have risen. The health committee said 116 cases were reported in Victoria last week, accounting for 83 percent of all new infections.

On June 1, a number of Australian states decided to ease the measures of social separation and the ban imposed on the movement of people, allowing restaurants to receive more customers, in a general approach to open and raise the gradual closure, in a major attempt by the government to save the declining economy.