An Australian woman won a million Australian dollars after registering the same numbers on the lottery card for ten years.

The woman used the same numbers in the lottery tickets for ten consecutive years. And in March, I decided once again to try her luck, when she bought his reminder of a lottery through the Internet and wrote the same whole, "all of them."
Then, on March 18, it turned out to be the only winner in the country. It won the major prize, valued at $ 1 million, Astralian. But not ratified the first of what happened and thought that dream and went to bed, she said: "I was lying to sleep a little, and then I woke up in the middle of the night and I was convinced that all this was a dream crazy."
It was difficult for her to return to normal life after this unexpected news. So I paid off the mortgage, and she pointed out, "I couldn't, even if I imagine that I'm in my forty years of age, I'm going to be freed from the mortgage, that's awesome! I will celebrate!"
Participation in the lottery admitted that she always believed that his combination of the numbers she used would bring her luck sooner or later.
At a previous time, a television reporter presented her independence to the air immediately, when she knew that she had won the prize of the same. .