Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Thursday morning that he is confident that the country will press ahead with plans to ease restrictions because it is able to tackle and deal with any new outbreak of Covid-19 disease.

In a related context, Morrison revealed in a reference to the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the virus, "there will be outbreaks. We will not be able to close everything and then open again. ”

In that regard, he added, "So what I am saying is that we will go ahead. We have strengthened protection to deal with outbreaks. ”

Australia recorded its first death in over a month on Wednesday, while fears of a second wave of the disease led to thousands queuing up for medical examination.

On the other hand, an elementary school in Sydney was closed after a student was confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus. Health authorities announced the closure of the Lane Cove West Public School for disinfection and sterilization after a second-grade student was confirmed infected with Covid-19.

A school statement said, "The school will stop working with regard to attendance in the classroom, either for workers or requesting in order to allow the opportunity to track contacts."

This comes at a time when the state of Victoria continues to record high numbers of HIV infections, as the state recorded 128 new cases of Covid 19 during the past week.

The number of active cases in Victoria jumped from 58 cases to 143 in only eight days, while the rest of the states and provinces collectively registered only 20 cases in the same period.

But New South Wales state government chief Gladys Prijklyyan ruled out the border between the country's two largest states being closed. Prijklyyan said that the damage that would result from closing the borders would prevent any attempt to restrict movement between the two states, especially in border towns such as Wadonga-Aubry.

"As for the areas like Aubrey-Wadunga, they don't think they are two separate towns, but rather they see them as one community," said the head of the state government. "Closing the border completely will harm a part of the countryside where there are no cases. We do not adopt a closed border policy," she added.