Dubai government
Dubai government

Dubai Health Authority today announced the resumption of all health services in health facilities

Dubai Health Authority announced the resumption of all health services in health facilities at full capacity in various medical specialties, noting at the same time the need to maintain all preventive and preventive measures to limit the spread of the epidemic and instructions issued. In this regard.

The authority stressed that the completion of the return of all health services comes in conjunction with the decision to return the various activities in the Emirate of Dubai, taking into account the commitment and full compliance with all preventive and preventive measures related to safety and public health taken. This respect.

On Saturday, the authority issued the fourth update of the instructions and precautions to confront the epidemic of the spread of the Corona virus in health facilities in Dubai, noting the need to be very careful when dealing with patients at risk of infection. The development of "Covid-19", in several categories, they are: 60 years of age or older (regardless of medical condition), and high-risk groups also include people under the age of 60 with an illness, such as chronic respiratory disease, chronic heart disease Chronic kidney failure, liver disease, diabetes, weakened immunity and pregnant women.

The authority stated that in the case of dealing with the procedures for generating aerosols, and in order to provide the maximum protection and safety for the patient and the medical staff, precautions are strictly adhered to, and many precautions are followed, which is to assess the patient's condition before starting treatment procedures, and to ensure that it is free of symptoms Infection with "Covid-19", and a certified "Covid-19" examination for suspected cases of HIV infection, which need treatment measures to generate air spray. She stated that in the case of dealing with a confirmed case of infection with "Covid-19", the health facility should ensure that the necessary measures are taken to convert the patient into a health facility providing the service, equipped with negative pressure treatment rooms, to ensure the safety of the medical staff and prevent the spread of infection. The authority stressed that the laboratory tests for Covid-19 should be limited to hospitals and laboratories licensed and authorized by the authority, and the continuity of applying an accurate timetable to avoid collection and accumulation of auditors in the waiting area, and to ensure that the physical distance distance is safe, as directed by the competent authorities in this regard. Subject.