Today The UAE government is taking new tough decisions regarding Expats in the UAE and their movements within the country.

In response to the state’s decisions, the Department issued a circular on all expats in the Emirates in the Emirate of Sharjah by not moving between the cities of the emirate or the other emirate and with adherence to preventive measures and from any non-resident workers by entering it and taking wages against violators.

It is noted in this decision that was taken in order to exercise the physical distance between people and the non-transmission of infection to preserve lives and the non-transmission of disease quickly among the workers

Urgent decisions enforcing all expats in the Emirates

While the head of the department, Sultan Abdullah, stated that it is a decision to prevent the transfer of migrant workers to economic buildings between the emirates of the state and Sharjah through all means of transportation. The decision was taken for the sake of precautionary measures and personal safety measures aimed at preserving public safety.

The department has taken these measures to prevent the exit and entry from the emirate in the conditions of the Corona virus, to achieve physical spacing, maintain public health, and protect society from the repercussions of "Covid 19".

The department explained in light of this that it was generalized about cleaning foodstuffs, and it was also made clear that appropriate distances must be followed between workers during work with a distance of more than 2 meters and ascending and descending in a distance from each other in the public means at all times.

The authorities also stressed the cooperation of companies in taking the necessary measures and measures to control the virus, prevent proliferation and achieve the utmost hygiene among workers to fully protect and in that context, a warning that in the event of any case, communication with the competent authorities.

All countries of the world at the present time take the same measures that the UAE government takes in order to control the spread of the new Corona virus in an effort to prevent the spread of it among citizens, especially as it harms many economies of major world countries.

It is mentioned that all the scientists of the world have not even reached any treatment for this deadly virus and that all drug companies are competing to reach a final treatment for this epidemic.