Forest Lee
Forest Lee

Businessman Forest Lee of Sea approached me as the best businessman of the year and before that he had mine he had fallen into student loan debt of up to $ 100,000, and he had almost nothing in the bank, he just rented a room in an apartment in Bradel.

Today, Mr. Lee, 43, is the founder and CEO of the technology giant Sea Group, which owns the e-commerce platform Shopee and operates games and digital financial businesses.

Last night, Mr. Lee was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year 2019/2020 in recognition of his efforts to transform Sea into a global internet company listed in New York, with the goal of improving the lives of consumers and small businesses through technology.

He won the Veterinary Dream at the 35th Singapore Business Awards (SBA) held in the foyer of Singapore Press Center Holdings (SPH), and was broadcast live yesterday. SBA is jointly organized by SPH The Business Times Publications and DHL Express Singapore.

Nearly 50 guests participated in the event, and it was the first time it was held in mixed format.

Mr Lee said that digital transformation could enable even a small country like Singapore to have a profound impact on the world. He noted that as the pandemic has increased the urgency of social connectivity to the Internet, the acceleration of digital transformation may be a concern for many people.

"Now, what is more important than ever for us is to help those who are not familiar with technology to learn how to use it, so that no one is left behind. This is a concern of the sea and we will pay more attention to it," he said in his speech at the event.

In the April epidemic, Shopee launched a regional plan that, among other things, helps SMEs attract customers online by temporarily cutting administrative costs and providing marketing support.

Mr. Lee is a naturalized Singaporean citizen, and he is from Tianjin, China. He also praised Singapore's role in maritime success.

"There is a stereotype that entrepreneurs come to Singapore and other places only after they succeed elsewhere. This is not my story ... Before I succeeded, it made me (Singaporean society) feel welcome and let my family and me here. Calms down."

Remember how he reached out to Sea's founders, David Chen and Ye Gang, and how the EDB introduced them to Sea's primary investor, the tech giant Tencent.

"When we were ready to expand, Singapore was the one to let us down again ... We have built a strong team here, made up of local professionals and bright young graduates from local universities."

Mr. Lee joined past beneficiaries such as Lin Huamin, CEO of Philip Capital Group, and Lu Junying, CEO of Raffles Medical Group.

Meanwhile, the 58-year-old Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC Enterprise and FairPrice Group, has been appointed as a distinguished CEO who has worked hard to ensure that during the Covid-19 crisis, daily necessities are kept at affordable prices and made within the reach of Singaporeans.

Mr. Se told the Straits Times that fair prices have been promoted to ensure adequate supply and protect employees and customers.

He said, "Covid is telling us that in the end, what matters is the basic and necessary things."

Ms Tan Jiayi, co-CEO of 42 Ping An Insurance (group) Chinese financial services and technology giant, won the Outstanding Foreign Executives Award.

Singaporeans are honored for their achievements in improving the senior leadership of the Ping An Group have deeply studied technology and oversaw technology development as a technology-driven retail financial services group.

Included on the mainboard, AEM Holdings won the company award. In the past nine years, it has transformed from a professional automation company into a global provider of semiconductor and electronic testing solutions.

The company has a market capitalization of approximately $ 1 billion and has around 600 employees worldwide, nearly half of them in Singapore.

"In the bleak and unpredictable climate the epidemic has brought to people, these four winners have shown real determination and innovation in their work," said SBA Organizing Committee Chairman and Business Times editor Huang Weigang.

Christopher Ong, managing director of DHL Express Singapore, said the winners have shown tenacity and agility in directing their actions during the coronavirus crisis. "Even in such a challenging environment, their excellent management has allowed their businesses to continue to thrive."